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Paul Harrison Australia

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About me

Pre-service teacher for HASS: Specialising in: Economics, Geography, and Politics & Law


I'm very outdoorsy. I love camping and 4WDs. I'm a scout leader and look after 14-17, and 18-26 year old scouts.


I really like most music. Not into bad rap, or crummy bad dubstep/trap.

Movies and TV:

Big fan of anime and sci-fi.


Social sports mainly: Rowing, fishing, chess,


I'm a really big fan of learning by design, and like the idea of students being creative and turning their ideas and concepts into graphical or artistic representations of their learning.


Fanatical World of Warcraft player. I love teaching and have my own website for sharing resources and my professional learning journey: http://ctrizzen.weebly.com/blog


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